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Adata SC660H - External Solid State Drive - 256GB - Scheda prodotto

Adata SC660H - External Solid State Drive - 256GB

Adata SC660H - External Solid State Drive - 256GB
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Codice prodotto: ADA157

Prezzo: € 79,50 +IVA
Disponibilità: 0

Descrizione prodotto

The SC660H external SSD revolutionizes the speed and reliability you’re used to from external storage. It uses new 3D NAND, or stacked TLC Flash and reaches 440MB/s read/write, or four times faster than an external hard drive, to make accessing and sharing content quicker and easier than ever. The drive is just 9.6mm thick, featuring a stylish sandblasted, grooved titanium cover that stands out among other models. The SC660H is available in 256GB and 512GB capacities and compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Android for simple and efficient data transfers across devices and platforms. Fast, quiet, durable, and energy efficient, the SC660H takes external storage to a new generation
Full-on rapid data transfer

With an impressive 440MB/s read and write via USB 3.1, the SC660H is designed to keep up with demand. That means it can easily handle the highest fidelity video files and large content such as complex presentations and even games. Content moves quickly, saving you from annoying delays: a 5GB file transfers in just 26 seconds vs. nearly two minutes with a hard drive. Your time is precious so get with the times and switch to SSD

Quality 3D NAND Flash

The SC660H uses new 3D NAND, or stacked TLC Flash. The technology offers higher density, increased reliability, and better power efficiency compared to previous 2D NAND SSDs. You get a better product at a better value

All-new slim and light design

Thanks to innovation in design and material engineering, we’re able to deliver the SC660H in a form factor just 9.6mm thin. It’s so ultra-slim, you could easily slip it into a sandwich bag or your pocket. The SC660H is also supremely light, supporting great portability and never burdening you with heavy accessories
Exquisite quality and texture

Beyond great internal performance, the SC660H boasts a durable sandblasted and electroplated titanium cover crafted to resist scratches, chipping, and fingerprint smudges over a long product lifespan. The SC660H retains its great looks even when put to demanding use, reflecting a fusion of technology and fashion and a co-existence of delicate and sturdy. Making ordinary into classic, the SC660H is the envy of other external drives
Multiple SSD benefits in a sleek package

Solid state drives outperform and outclass hard drives in almost every way. With no moving parts, they suffer no mechanical wear and tear, are more reliable long term, and less prone to drop or shock damage. SSDs are completely silent, with no humming or grinding sounds. They’re faster than hard drives without heating up and consume far less power. The SC660H provides all this while weighing just 73g: a comparable 500GB hard drive weighs around 150g! With the SC660H, mobility is truly made easier

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