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Intenso PowerBank USB 5000mAh slim - Scheda prodotto

Intenso PowerBank USB 5000mAh slim

Intenso PowerBank USB 5000mAh slim
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Codice prodotto: HDD006

Prezzo: € 7,38 +IVA
Disponibilità: 0

Descrizione prodotto

The slim powerbanks S5000 and S10000 are true performance packages in an attractive, ultra-slim design. With capacities of 5000 and 10000 mAh they are perfect for mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, navigation devices, mp3 players or digital cameras that are recharged with a current output up to 2.1 Ampere in an instant. Thanks to the integrated microUSB cable, Android smartphones and tablets can be directly connected with the powerbanks. Moreover, other charging cables can be connected to the usb port, in order to recharge any kind of mobile devices.
:: Slim Powerbank S5000 | S10000
Mobile charger - ultra slim design
Capacity:5000 mAh Battery type:
Rechargeable li-polymer battery
Colour: S5000: black | white
Output connector: USB A + integrated microUSB cable
Output: S5000: 5.0V - 2.0A
S10000: 5.0V - 2.1A
Input connector: microUSB
Input: S5000: 5.0V - 2.0A
Display: LED energy display
Characteristics: Overvoltage protection | discharge protection | overcharge protection | short-circuit fuse
Accessories: USB charging cable

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