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16GB Kingston Pen Drive USB2.0 DT101G2 USB2.0 - Scheda prodotto

16GB Kingston Pen Drive USB2.0 DT101G2 USB2.0

16GB Kingston Pen Drive USB2.0 DT101G2 USB2.0
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Codice prodotto: KIN225

Prezzo: € 4,06 +IVA
Disponibilità: 0

Descrizione prodotto

DataTraveler 101 (G2)

With DataTraveler® 101 G2, budget-conscious users get a combination of useful features, large capacity (up to 32GB) and an easy way to store, carry or transfer data between computers and other devices. With optional urDrive Software, you can take advantage of a convenient built-in Internet browser4 and AppZone for new apps4 to try. DataTraveler 101 G2 features a capless, swivel design and is customizable with your company's logo — a great way to promote your business. It's available in five different colors, depending on the capacity.

"If you are looking for a cheap and reliable solution to store all your important data, photos and videos, DataTraveler 101 G2 is ideal for you." - hardwareinsight.com


Supports Windows® 7, Vista®, XP & Mac
urDrive Software (optional)4
Capless swivel design
Available in multiple colors by capacity
Co-Logo available3

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