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Fractal Design Node 202 ITX - Scheda prodotto

Fractal Design Node 202 ITX

Fractal Design Node 202 ITX
Ingrandisci immagine
Codice prodotto: FRA001

Prezzo: € 62,82 +IVA
Disponibilità: 0

Descrizione prodotto

The Node 202 is the ultimate PC case for those looking for a beautifully designed, compact chassis that can house a capable gaming build.

This small footprint is an intelligently built unit where extreme detail was placed into the design phase to get every line and spec in perfect harmony. With both horizontal and vertical orientation possibilities, the Node 202 can be placed anywhere in the house. The sleek design makes it very attractive next to the TV in the living room or on your desk in the office.

The internal layout of the Node 202 keeps the hot components separate and has them all placed in proximity of free-flow air so the case will run cool despite not having any extra case fans.

Key features

Featuring a sleek and elegant design that will fit in any space or room
Extremely small footprint with a volume of only 10.2 liters
A highly versatile case that can be set up both vertically and horizontally
Supports Mini-ITX motherboards, SFX power supplies and graphics cards up to 310mm in length
Provides a smart thermal interior design highlighting separate motherboard and graphics card chambers
Strategically placed air filters for a dust free interior


Mini ITX motherboard compatibility
2 - 2.5″ SSD unit positions (height limitation 10.5mm)
2 expansion slots
2 - 120mm optional fan positions in graphics card chamber
CPU coolers up to 56 mm in height
PSU compatibility: SFX PSUs up to 130mm long
Graphics card compatibility: Maximum dimension of graphics card is 310x145x47mm (LxHxD)
Can be placed both vertical and horizontal position
3 dust filters included (for CPU, GPU and PSU)
Case volume: 10.2 litres
Colors available: Black
Case dimensions - Horizontal (WxHxD): 377 x 82 x 330 mm
Case dimensions - Horizontal, with feet/protrusions/screws (WxHxD): 377 x 88 x 332 mm
Case dimensions - Vertical, with feet/protrusions/screws (WxHxD): 125 x 385 x 332 mm
Net weight: 3.5 kg
Package dimensions (WxHxD): 145 x 463 x 388 mm
Package weight: 4.0kg

Front interface

2 - USB 3.0
Audio in/out
Power button with LED (white)

Package contents

Node 202 computer case
Accessory box
User manual
Vertical stand
Riser card for graphics card

Additional information

EAN/GTIN-13: 7350041082675
UPC: 817301012676
Product code: FD-CA-NODE-202-BK
Available for System Integrators

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