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Kingston 32GB DDR4 3600Mhz-18 HyperX Fury Beast 2x16GB - Scheda prodotto

Kingston 32GB DDR4 3600Mhz-18 HyperX Fury Beast 2x16GB

Kingston 32GB DDR4 3600Mhz-18 HyperX Fury Beast 2x16GB
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Codice prodotto: KIN469

Prezzo: € 77,90 +IVA
Disponibilità: 2

Descrizione prodotto

64GB (32GB 4G x 64-Bit x 2 pcs.)
DDR4-3600 CL18 288-Pin DIMM Kit
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FURY KF436C18BBK2/64 is a kit of two 4G x 64-bit (32GB)
DDR4-3600 CL18 SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM) 2Rx8, memory
module, based on sixteen 2G x 8-bit FBGA components per module.
Each module kit supports Intel® Extreme Memory Profiles
(Intel® XMP) 2.0. Total kit capacity is 64GB. Each module has
been tested to run at DDR4-3600 at a low latency timing of 18-22-22
at 1.35V. The SPDs are programmed to JEDEC standard
latency DDR4-2400 timing of 17-17-17 at 1.2V. Each 288-pin
DIMM uses gold contact fingers. The JEDEC standard
electrical and mechanical specifications are as follows:
Row Cycle Time (tRCmin)
Refresh to Active/Refresh
Command Time (tRFCmin)
Row Active Time (tRASmin)
UL Rating
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
17 cycles
94 V - 0
0o C to +85o C
-55o C to +100o C
• Default (JEDEC): DDR4-2400 CL17-17-17 @ 1.2V
• XMP Profile #1: DDR4-3600 CL18-22-22 @ 1.35V
• XMP Profile #2: DDR4-3000 CL16-18-18 @ 1.35V
• Power Supply: VDD = 1.2V Typical
• VDDQ = 1.2V Typical
• VPP = 2.5V Typical
• VDDSPD = 2.2V to 3.6V
• On-Die termination (ODT)
• 16 internal banks; 4 groups of 4 banks each
• Bi-Directional Differential Data Strobe
• 8 bit pre-fetch
• Burst Length (BL) switch on-the-fly BL8

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