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LC Power 550W Super Silent Series 12cm V2.3 Bronze LC6550 - Scheda prodotto

LC Power 550W Super Silent Series 12cm V2.3 Bronze LC6550

LC Power 550W Super Silent Series 12cm V2.3 Bronze LC6550
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LC6550GP3 V2.3
Codice prodotto: ALI070

Prezzo: € 36,62 +IVA
Disponibilità: 0

Descrizione prodotto

Technical overview
Power supply type Super Silent Series
ATX standard ATX V2.3
20+4 pin mainboard 1x 55 cm
4+4 pin mainboard 12V (8 pin EPS) 1x 55 cm
PCI-Express 1x PCI-Express V2.0 6+2 pin 45 cm
SATA 4 (1x 45/2x 60/1x 75 cm)
PATA 4 (2x 45/2x 60 cm)
FDD - (FDD adapter separate available)
Mark of conformity CE / TÜV
Fan 120 mm
PFC active
Dimension h x w x d 86 x 150 x 140 mm
Weight (retail) 1,752 kg
max. peak load 550 W
+3,3V 25 A
+5V 27 A
max. combined 145 W
+12V1 21 A
+12V2 23 A
max. combined 450 W
Efficiency > 88%
Standby consumption 0,2W - ErP 2013
Temperature control for case fan yes
Security circuitry OVP = Over-Voltage Protection
OCP = Over-Current Protection
OPP = Over-Power Protection
SCP = Short-Circuit Protection
UVP = Under-Voltage Protection
Multirange (110V/220V) no
Haswell compatible yes
Barcode 4260070120589
Manufacturer code LC6550 V2.3



The legendary SUPER SILENT SERIES by LC-POWER offers the optimum price-performance ratio: thanks to its high-value 120mm fan, the LC6550 V2.3 lets you experience a stress-free and super-silent work in your office as well as at home. Despite the low sound level, the power supply offers an excellent cooling capacity for your system thanks to its honeycomb styled ventilation grille on its back.

The power supply features all current connectors of the office and mid-range sector. Besides current mainboards you can connect several SATA and PATA hard disk drives respectively optical drives. A graphic card can be added due to the PCI-Express V2.0 connector.

The state-of-the-art energy saving technology decreases the power consumption in standby mode (0,2W) and increases the efficiency of the power supply to >88%!


80 PLUS® BRONZE 230V EU certified

1x PCI-Express V2.0 6+2 pin connector

120mm fan

Incl. Active PFC (power factor correction for an efficient use of the spent energy) and all relevant safety circuitry

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